On Death and Dying

Now, as you read this post keep in mind that these are my thoughts and that if you disagree with what I think…that’s okay.

After being with Hubby’s dad throughout the end-stage disease process, I’ve come to the decision that there comes a time when it’s time to say “enough.”

Death is going to come to us all.

We take every precaution to avoid and delay it, but ultimately our bodies will die.  That’s how life is.

The question came – prolong his life and send him back to the nursing home and back into the confusion and lost-ness of Alzheimer’s? Or, let him go and allow him to pass from this painful fear filled life and enter the wonderful life promised him?

The family did what he would want – to be released.

Hard decision because everyone wanted him to stay…but when love speaks it’s always in the best interest of the object loved.

And, staying here was not in his best interest.

The family loved him enough to let him go.

What a great show of love and respect…what a tribute to the life of Hubby’s dad and to his great faith!

To be absent from the body is to be present with the Lord.


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