Certificate of Death

Here in the US, two forms are needed to for her citizens to navigate life’s roads (legally).

A certificate attesting to the fact that your birth was live and actually occurred is necessary. Gotta have it for just about everything, it seems.

A certificate proving that you’ve died is necessary, too. Your affairs can’t be closed out and your cases closed until your loved ones/business partners have that little paper in hand.

Before our granddaughter left the hospital last year, information was gathered from her mother and doctor that would be placed on her birth certificate.  This piece of paper will be shown to countless people and agencies over her lifetime and is necessary for her to receive her US tracking number (aka Social Security Number, or SSN)

After my dad’s death in 2012, Mom had to wait several days to attend to his affairs and place everything fully in her name.  Her word alone was not enough.  A legal document was required – a Certificate of Death. Hubby’s mom recently received his dad’s death certificate and can now begin the chore of closing out his affairs and beginning anew with her own.

One would think that a legal document attesting to the fact that a baby has been born would be accurate – usually they are.  However, with Hubby’s dad his birth certificate revealed his REAL name.  Apparently his mother named him one thing (on the birth certificate) and his grandmother later overruled his mother and changed it.  David was originally James (if memory serves me well).

And, one would think that a legal document that attests to the fact that a person has died would be accurate – but they often are not. It’s been reported that 1/2 of doctors interviewed said they had placed or instructed others to place inaccurate information on death certificates and that 1/3 of death certificates contain errors.

My dad’s cause of death was listed as renal failure caused by a heart attack.  Hubby’s dad’s cause of death was listed as Alzheimer’s.  While Alzheimer’s was a factor that contributed to his inability to swallow, it was not the cause of death.  Hubby and I were present and know what caused his death. And, now we wonder if there is some sort of coverup afoot to protect the hospital.

With government issued forms it often takes an act of congress, a miracle from God, and a lengthy process to get errors changed.  And, with a death certificate amending the cause of death is rarely accomplished.

Click on the link for more on Death Certificate Facts.


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