Stomach Flu Part 2

Tuesday Daughter arrived home from work with that look that said, “oh, no…I’m getting it.”

And, she was.

And, she did.

Oh my….

Hubby AND Daughter in bed (and in the bathroom) sick with stomach flu.

And, me?

I’m running around with a bottle of bleach spray in one hand and a can of Lysol spray in the other.  And, I’m praying that God is merciful to me and to my family and spares me from becoming ill with this horrid thing. (I’m a terrible impatient patient!)

My hands are so chapped from the frequent washings and hot water kitchen sink contaminated dishes scaldings that they are cracked and bleeding.  What’s that you say? Lotion? No thanks.  I’m afraid the virus will hide under a layer of lotion.

I’ve washed loads and loads of clothes and cleaned and cleaned until my house smells truly wonderful!

My greatest fear is that I will take it to my mother and so I’ve limited my usual daily visits to quick ventures down to her house to take her trashcan to the road or collect her mail. Mostly it’s to touch her even though I don’t dare…touch her with my eyes and my ever so brief presence.

I miss my mom.  Miss watching Dr. Phil with her every day while we sip on coffee and nibble on Rice Crispy treats.

Hubby is on the mend and I think Daughter will be in a day or so.  Now, if only God will provide protection for me from the dread vomiting / diarrhea / fever / aches / headache bug.  Incubation is from 4 to 48 hours.  And, those who have had it can continue to shed virus for two weeks after fever is gone.  How will I know when it’s safe for me to relax my vigilance?

Wow…maybe I’ll get to spend time with my mom by my birthday.  Maybe this bug will pass me by and pass on out of my house and be gone.  I pray it does.

Stay well, all!  And, if the bug bites you, take it easy and give your body time to rest.  Rest is important to healing.


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