March 1

February disappeared as the minute hand and hour hand joined at midnight.  Not only did a new day begin, but a new month as well.

February…I feel like I truly lived only a few days of it and in those days aged five years. (At  my age, I can’t afford to age that fast!)

The first 14 days were spent out of state, the following 7 were spent attempting to catch up and find “normal” again.  And, the last 7 were spent taking care of sick folk, killing germs, and doing my best to avoid catching the crud myself. (Yes, for the past two days I’ve endured tummy grumbles but not to the extend the others had it – thank you God!)

And, now all that is behind us and a new, clean, long  month stretches before us.  I’m almost afraid to wonder what it will bring my way.

Last month I managed to dig my backyard garden.  It’s not ready to plant, but if all goes as planned (and we know from last month that we truly are not in control of anything) my garden will be ready to plant by next weekend.  And, Mom’s by the weekend following.

As March stretches beyond my brother’s birthday (tomorrow) to my own, two weeks later, much will change weather wise. Winter will loosen its grip and Spring will break forth.  My outdoors workload will increase.

The peach tree at Mom’s will need to be sprayed (3 times) if we are to have worm-free peaches for the squirrels to enjoy this year (I think I’m going to get a slingshot from Walmart and help the neighbor’s cats enjoy an occasional squirrel meal).

The grass will need to be cut.  Bushes beg to be cut back. An overgrown plum tree needs to be shaped.  That corner in Mom’s back yard has been asking for attention for the past year and a half. Oh, and the stuff hiding behind that shed…need to pull all that out and see what can be used in the garden (I know I saw four tires there….)

And, the list goes on.  And, as the days lengthen the “to do” list will as well.

But, I’m not going to think about that right now.

I’m going to enjoy the wonders of March 1.

Before the alarm went off this morning I was awakened by the coo coo coo of a dove (Dad called them “rain crows”). The wind is blowing from the South this morning and brings with it the rumble of trains and sound of their horns blowing at each crossing. Sunlight is muted by scattered clouds.  The temperature outdoors feels Spring-like…damp…full of promise.

Thoughts of Springtime in middle Georgia come to mind – probably the most beautiful place to be mid March….

Goodbye February.  It was good knowing you.  Many lessons were learned and opportunities given for growth and discovery.  And, many hard things were done.  In some ways I’m glad you’re gone…in others I wish you would linger a bit longer.

Hello, March! I’ve no idea what plans you have for me, but I do know the plans I have for you.  In fact, I have a March to do list underway.  And, ‘if the Good Lord wills and the creek don’t rise,’ I’m gonna get each and every thing on it done!

Thank you, Lord, for this day and for all the days that have brought me safely here.  Thank you for your love and provision.  Thank you, too, for your strength.  You are amazing and I love you!  Thank you for coming as Jesus…for revealing yourself to us…for coming and finding us and showing us how to know you…really know you.


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