First Cup of the Day

I cupped my hot coffee cup in my hands as I stood at the front door and watched Daughter scrap frost from her car’s windows.  My mind was hours away…dreaming of my outdoors plans for today.

It was time for another sip of coffee so I glanced down to make sure the handle of the cup wouldn’t be in the way when I brought it to my mouth. I paused, confused.  There was something in my cup.

A long something lay along the side of my half-full cup and curled along the top of the coffee – half, submerged. It was fairly wide at the top of the cup and tapered to a point at the end as it curled atop my coffee.

I stood very still.  Whatever it was…I didn’t want it to get away.  And, I was a little alarmed because I held my cup up…about 8 inches from my chin.

To see a little more clearly, I pulled my head back just a bit and looked down through the bifocal part of my reading glasses.  As I did, the something wiggled – just slightly moving on the top of the coffee.

I pulled back a bit more, and began to move the cup away and the something began to move quickly up and out of my coffee cup…in my direction!

My eyesight might not be that good in the morning, but my reflexes were awesome. I caught it before it fully left the cup.

There I stood – my coffee cup in my right hand and in my left the limp, brown, wet, slightly warm tendril-like portion of my unbrushed hair that had slipped from behind my shoulder and into my coffee cup.

My heart pounded – whether from the half cup of coffee I’d already downed or the excitement of the something in my cup, I wasn’t sure.

I also wasn’t sure what to do with the remainder of that cup of coffee.  My hair, while not filthy, had been handled with germ-filled hands in the hours since it had last been washed. How many of them had crawled into my coffee cup and mixed in my coffee? I had no idea.

My first thought was to pour it out, wash the cup and start again.

My second thought was to stop thinking so much and just drink the coffee.

Just drink the coffee – that’s what my morning brain said and so I followed her directive.

I’m well into my second cup of coffee and I can’t seem to wash away the odd taste that clings to the back of my throat.  The taste is reminiscent of the scent of the conditioner I used on my hair….

Sometimes it’s just best to accept what you have in hand and make the most of it.

And, other times it’s best to pour out what you have and fill your cup again with fresh.

Sometimes it’s hard to know which is best until after the choice is made.

Lessons learned?

  1. When in doubt…pour it out.
  2. My morning brain will always opt for the most immediate coffee option.
  3. Things are not always as they appear…especially when they wiggle and move in your first cup of the day.
  4. When presented with a choice, immediate gratification is rarely the WISE option.

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