Eccentric? Me?

I’m eccentric.

There…I said it.

I do offbeat things.

I think curious thoughts.

I see life from peculiar angles.


If you could crawl into my head and hear some of the thoughts I think and some of the things I think them about, you would consider me eccentric, too.

Or, maybe even a bit heretical.

Well…after looking over a list of Christian heresies, I’ll need to recant that last statement.

Perhaps “heretical” is a bit strong.  I’ll just stick with “eccentric.”

Want an example of what I mean?

Take a look at Genesis 6.  Look especially at verses 1-11. If you are unfamiliar with this passage, look at different translations.

How does your church tradition explain these verses?  Do you agree with what tradition holds to be true?

If you think outside the box of tradition (church, family, work, social, education, etc) you are…eccentric.

Just saying.

And, that’s okay.  It’s even good to be an oddball sometimes.

I can think of many in the Bible who would fit into the definition of being unconventional (aka eccentric).

When was the last time you allowed your mind to explore beyond the assumed safety of the box of tradition?  What did you discover?

This is the sixth day into my Lenten journey. In seeking the approval of God over the approval of people, I’m finding that honesty about who I am and where I am in my journey is imperative.

And, I’m also finding rest in my journey through the words of Jesus.


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