Metal Fatigue

Fatigue is not a fun companion.

It robs me of my ability to function at any level above that which is necessary for life and it makes daily living difficult.

I hate it.

And, I hate even more to admit that I am fatigued…tired…that my body needs rest instead of activity.

I want to do, do, do but my body won’t cooperate and my mind, well…she’s not much better at obeying me.

Crash and burn – that’s pretty much where I am this morning as I type this.

A night with only 1.5 hours of sleep and a week filled with physical as well as mental stress is enough to bring on fatigue of body and mind.  Couple that with my unwillingness to give in, give up and allow my body rest, and it becomes a situation where I’m existing but not really living.

Sure, I have things that need to be done and so I’ve done them.  The weekend was just around the corner and so I pressed on. You do what you have to do.

But, here it is Saturday morning and I sit here typing on my laptop instead of snuggling in bed with Hubby.


Good question.

My body and mind feel the overpowering fatigue, yet I struggle on, promising myself that tonight I will go to bed very early as I pray there are no emergencies that prevent me from such.


Another good question.

Did you know that you can take a piece of metal and break it if you stress it enough? Don’t believe me? Take a paperclip and bend it back and forth and watch it break apart.

It’s called metal fatigue –

progressive and localized structural damage that occurs when a material is subjected to cyclic loadings. *

That sounds like what I’m experiencing.

Have you ever told someone – “I’m about to snap” or heard it said of someone “she just snapped”? That’s fatigue brought about by progressive and localized structural damage caused by repeated….

Cyclic loadings – what are mine that have brought about this progressive and localized structural damage that is about to result in a physical and mental break?

Yet another good question.

My post today is not to provide you with answers.  Nope.  Sorry.

My intent is to raise questions in your own mind about why you get tired, why you “snap” and why you don’t do what’s necessary to prevent the “progressive and localized” damage that results in

  • physical issues
  • mental problems
  • relational failures
  • spiritual distress
  • emotional upsets
  • general fatigue

Today is the 11th day of my Lenten journey.  If approval of God rather than approval of people is my directive…then why am I not listening to the needs of my body…created by God and endowed with the ability to warn me of system overload and of the potential for damage if I continue in the repetitive activities that stress me.

My body is human.  It needs rest. And, if I put it off long enough, my body will shut down and take the rest she needs for however long she needs it.

Not a happy thought.

How often do I press on because I expect it of myself? And, how often is it because I feel it’s expected of me by others?  And…I wonder…how much is it a matter of pride…that I can’t admit that I’m not strong enough to push through…?

For whatever reason, it’s not God honoring and it’s abusive to my body.

My body is a temple of God and I should treat her as such – care for her with the knowledge that she needs to be at her best, no matter what it takes or what others think.

The sun wakes me before 7 – I can’t stop the sun from rising. But, I can end my day earlier and honor God by giving His creation the rest she needs to continue functioning at optimum capacity.

Jesus needed to rest.  What makes me think my body is any different than His? Human bodies need rest or fatigue sets in.

It’s a fact.  Not only did Jesus rest, but he called his disciples aside with him for rest.

I’m going to take Jesus’ advice and rest.

If you don’t see me at church tomorrow morning, it’s because I’m following Jesus’ example.


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