Halfway Through

March is half gone.  How did the first half pass so quickly?

Here we are, halfway through March, and I find myself wanting to call a screeching halt to the progression of time and the advance of the month.

With the arrival of Spring comes an increase in responsibilities as life around me awakens after Winter’s slumber.

After the first burst of activity, the yards (ours and Mom’s) will be ready to greet the coming warm days and the rapid growth of all things green.  The gardens will be prepared to receive the appointed seeds, limbs will be cropped, flowerbeds cleaned, mower serviced, dead and dying wood cut away….

Nothing I’ve cut, cleaned out, cropped, pulled up or cut away has complained.  And, not one thing has told me “no” or prevented me from performing the task at hand.  Nothing said to me, “No, that’s not the way I want to be.”  I did as I willed…as I saw best…as I knew things needed to be.

I worked with an eye to the future and a plan that extended beyond the immediate.

My will – revealed through each clump of grass dug out, each limb cut away, every fallen limb picked up….

Ah…my will is flawed.  My knowledge and wisdom are finite.  I act as I see and know and understand.  The results are not perfect – after all, I’m only human.

Only human…why do I defy God’s attempt to dig out clumps of weeds, clear rubbish, remove dead wood, pluck out unsightly brambles…in my life?

Surely God, in His infinite wisdom and perfect knowledge, understands best what needs to be done in my life and how best to go about accomplishing His will for me.

Why do I struggle so hard against and complain so much about the tools He uses to shape me onto who and what I need to be?

I’m not yet halfway through Lent – thank God for that.  This is only day 12 of a 40+ day journey.

Now, if I can just take a lesson from nature around me and be at peace and patient as God has His way with and in my life…taking each thing that comes as from His hand, knowing that His eye is on my future and His desire is for my best.

And, I’ll be honest – after this past week, that’s a hard thing to do.  I want to control…be in control…be at the ready…be prepared for anything that may happen…have everything done, up to date, ready to go should I need to….

That’s an exhausting way to live…and it’s not God honoring.

Relax. Rest. Be at peace and free from care…stress-free. Realize God is in control and I can let down my guard and trust Him with my life and that of those in my care.


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