Planting Peas

God’s garden #2 (in my backyard) is dug and ready for planting.

English peas will be the first thing to go into the ground and that was to happen today.

It’s St. Patrick’s Day and peas are supposed to be in the ground by the 17th of March. Yep, that’s what they say.

Some say potatoes should be planted today as well, but I think I’ll hold off a little while.  I have, however, placed sweet potatoes atop water filled jars to sprout in preparation for planting.

After several warm Spring-like days that caused my sap to rise along with that of Tulip Magnolia and Bradford Pear trees, we were zapped with a cold front that dipped temperatures to freezing and spread a thin layer of frozen precipitation atop everything.


I know peas grow best during cooler days, but I’m not about to get out and plant those little English Pea seeds in 40 degree weather.  Tomorrow things will warm up. Tomorrow will be just fine for planting peas.


It’s only a day away.

What can happen in a day’s time…?

Hmm…I know from recent experience that much can happen. Kinda wish I’d planted them Saturday.  Just saying….

One thought on “Planting Peas

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