Spring sprang, or has it sprung?

Can it be?

Are we already two days into Spring?

Winter has been cold and long…Spring seems late in some ways…early in others.

I’ve watched the buds on trees swell to near bursting. I’ve counted the days and kept a check on night temperatures.

Spring’s arrival signals the rapid march toward Summer.

I ask myself, “Am I ready?”

Physically? Mentally? No!  I’m not prepared.  I’m not ready.

I need Spring to wait…another week or two.

Slow down. Chill out.  I’m…not…ready…yet!!

Got a long to-do list and can’t get it done if time continues to march on.

March. That’s a good name for the month that ushers in Spring!

Excuse me while I put on my yard shoes. Gotta check the peach trees…three sprayings to prevent worms…gotta catch the blooms at just the right time…. Slow down, Spring!  Give me time to tie my shoes!


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