The Remedy for Gossip

Did you hear about…?

Did you hear what______did?

Did you know that…?

When’s the last time you shared something negative about a person, an event, or a situation?

Why did you?

What was the purpose of sharing it?

What benefit did you receive in the sharing of it?

Before you quickly say you didn’t get anything out of sharing that little tidbit with someone, think carefully.

Why did you pass the information on?  To whom did you pass it? And, what did you get from sharing it?

  • Was it an emotional high?
  • Did it make you feel better about yourself?
  • Was it to ask the other person to “pray”…?
  • Was it to do harm?
  • Were you bored?
  • Was it to elicit a response in another?
  • Did self-righteousness play into it?
  • Did it affirm your connection to/acceptance by another?
  • Was it to better wrap your mind around the matter?
  • Was it out of genuine concern for the welfare of another?

Instead of talking about, why not talk to?

Yes! Become involved in such a way that brings about positive change.

Talk is cheap and gossip is sleazy.

Time is precious – invest in ways that matter and make a priceless choice with potential to do great good.


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