If it Harm None, Do What You Will

With any religion / belief system, if you are going to claim it please do those who live by the same the service of knowing it and abiding by it.  If you don’t, you create confusion for those standing on the outside looking in.

If I’m a follower of Jesus and you aren’t, that’s fine.  Please don’t label us all as hypocrites. And, don’t point your finger at me or others who claim to be Christians if you aren’t fully and completely living up to the code you claim to believe in.

Hypocrites exist in any and all religions – sometimes it takes a hypocrite to know one.

And, hey…let’s get real for a minute – if you’re going to claim to follow someone or something, then go all in, please.  Don’t just dabble.  When you dabble in it you muddy the water for those trying to get an idea of what it’s like and who the people are who follow a certain belief system.

There are a lot of weird ideas out there about what and who Christians are.  Same goes for Muslims, and, Buddhists, for Wiccans, for Hindus, and for any other religious group.

I’ve no interest, at the moment, in what you hold to be true.  What I am interested in is what you know of other religions…and what you think about the followers. And, why.

Have you formed a general consensus about belief systems that differ from your own because of the actions of a select group of adherents?

What about

  • those who worship Allah?
  • those who practice Wicca?
  • those who follow Buddha?
  • those who worship God: Father/Son/Holy Spirit?
  • those who embrace Hinduism?
  • those who hold there is no god?

What do you suppose influenced your opinion?  When’s the last time you took the initiative to get to know someone outside of your own religious sphere?

Hypocrites abound in any religion…group…setting.  There will always be those who pretend, who lie, who set out to deceive, who say one thing and live another.

Before you judge another make sure you aren’t guilty of the same.

And, if you embrace the moral code of “if it harm none, do what you will” then please…please have the decency to think through your actions enough before acting on them to make sure the outcome won’t bring harm.

And, if you do what you will and it harm some, then follow the rest of the code and accept responsibility for your actions AND the harm done to them.  Actions have consequences – often far reaching.  Do what you will, but be prepared for the fall-out that’s sure to come and be willing to accept responsibility for it…all of it.

Don’t talk to me about hypocrites in Christianity.  Hypocrites abound everywhere.

Don’t believe me?

Take a look in the mirror.


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