And So It Begins

Monday, I cut Mom’s grass and worked in God’s garden at my house.

Tuesday, I cut the remainder of Mom’s grass and worked in God’s garden at her house.

Wednesday, I nursed my aching and out of shape muscles by engaging in a different type of activity…running errands and shopping.

Today, the first day in 3 to be gray and damp, will be an indoor activity day where I catch up on many things.

And, so it begins.

With Winter’s thaw comes Spring growth.  The ground, still lumpy from repeated frost heavings, brings forth an abundance of lush, wet, green weedy things that seem to spring up overnight as the days warm.  Some bloom purple and others blue – it seems a shame to cut them down before they’ve had a chance to thrive.

But, cut them I did.   And, I apologized to every honeybee I disturbed as I sliced and diced the flowering weeds.

What a green, gooey, gunk it created on the soles of my shoes, the mower’s wheels and under its deck.  (And, that was with the grass catcher on!)  If I’d waited until mid to late April, as is often customary here, I couldn’t have remained upright enough to push the mower.  The freshly cut grass would have been too slick to walk on.

As beautiful as the green, blooming growth was, cutting it unleashed more color…more beauty.  The lawn no longer looks overgrown and disorganized.  Tiny white flowers close to the ground are now able to shine in the sunlight.  Spots of yellow dot the lawn – winter stymied Dandelions.  Purple and white sweet violets, overshadowed by the clumps of Henbit and Deadnettle, now peek above the carpet of green.

As much as I hated to cut down and not harvest the clumps of Henbit and Deadnettle (maybe next Spring), I knew it was a task that would eventually be required of me and it seemed prudent to undertake it now and not later when it had grown to an overwhelming size.

And, so it begins – the struggle to keep growth in check and within the bounds of decency as Nature wakes from her Winter slumber and stretches green and growing toward Summer.

(There are several comments I could make at this point as I look back over what I’ve written.  In the near future I’ll revisit a few of the thoughts presented here. But, for now I’ll leave you with whatever direction this post sent your thoughts in.)


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