From flip to smart – that describes my recent cell phone move as well as my attitude toward online living.

I knew it was coming.  With so much of my life invested in online activities, it only made sense to flip over to the smarter way of doing business and living life.  Now I’ll be connected…online 24/7.

Access to work, blogging, contacts, connections, my passions, my friends and family…all available with a simple swipe of my finger and poke at a screen.

I say poke – that’s pretty much what I do.  It’s a touch screen but my fingers are clumsy and not all that smart yet.  They are accustomed to the touch of the flip phone’s keypads but will learn to touch gently because this phone is smart and can write its own messages and correct my own thoughts any time it pleases if it doesn’t like how my fingertips dance across the screen.

It even wrote an email yesterday (to my boss) that shared how beautiful I am (repeatedly) and how much I’m in love with myself WHILE IT WAS IN MY PURSE! (Thankfully I caught onto what it was doing before it sent it!)

Yep, it’s that smart.

Why, just yesterday I was writing a text, using abbreviations and misspellings that I am accustomed to using and my new phone caught onto what I was doing and straightened me out right quick, it did.

No more of this texting shorthand for it.  Nope.

When I looked at what I’d written before poking the “Send” button I saw that my smart phone had edited my thoughts and written something entirely different than what I intended.

We had a little talk and came to an understanding, my smart phone and I.  From now on I’ll spell things properly and won’t use shortcuts even if it did save me time on my flip phone. It certainly won’t on my smart phone if I have to go back and rewrite what my phone has written. 😉

I asked Daughter for some tips (her phone is similar) and she said that I’m smart and can figure it out.

You know you’re in trouble when your phone’s smarter than you are and your daughter assumes you’re smart enough….

I call it my pink smartie – the cover on the smart phone is hot pink.

Excuse me…my cellphone is calling me.  It’s probably going to tell me how beautiful I am and how blessed I am to have such a smart phone!



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