Steady Going

37 years ago today, Hubby gave me his high school ring and asked me to “go steady.”  I said, “Yes.”

We were already in an exclusive relationship (not dating anyone else) but wearing his ring signified to others that we were a couple.

Going Steady has become a thing of the past.  I date myself when I mention it but that’s okay. Back when I grew up, most romantic relationships followed certain steps (especially so in certain social circles).

You dated a while, then when you felt this was the one you thought you might want to spend the rest of your life with, you began going steady (usually the girl was offered the guy’s ring or jacket or something)  and closed the door to dating other people. Then, after a while, if things continued to look like marriage was in the future, he (or she) popped the question, gave a nicer ring and they became engaged.  And, then, of course, they got married and finally did what they’d been waiting all this time for.

Now, it seems, things are backwards with sex first and marriage later (if at all).  Oh, I’m not so naive as to think people didn’t jump into bed on the first date (or before it) way back when…. But, back then, it was frowned on for many reasons – and in my opinion for good reasons.

But, I won’t get into those right now – just suffice it to say that the general degradation of femininity has led many young (and older) women to give up what they should have saved for marriage in hope of finding love and acceptance (of themselves by another…not by themselves).

Okay…back on topic.

Hubby’s High School ring was HUGE.  His hands and fingers dwarfed my own. When I slipped the ring onto my left ring finger it felt heavy.  I’d seen other women wear their sweetheart’s ring and the extents they had gone to size the ring down to fit them.  But, none of my friends had been given such a ring.

I removed it from my ring finger and slipped it on my thumb.  It fit loosely and he wondered if I should, perhaps, just wear it from a chain around my neck.  No…I would find a way to wear it where it belonged – third finger on my left hand.

When we parted ways, I headed back to my dorm room.  A scented candle was tucked into a corner on my desk – I lit it and when the wax became warm, I removed enough to fashion a wax wedge under the back of his ring that would enable the ring to fit snugly on my finger.

As the wax cooled, it began to harden.  I slipped my finger into the ring and waited as the wax became hard.

When I next saw him, I offered him my left hand.  The smile on his face said it all.  I was his and now everyone knew it…even when we weren’t together it was obvious that I was no longer a free agent.

It’s been 37 years.

Has it truly been that long?

Yep!  We’ve been steady going for a long time.

Happy anniversary, Sweetheart!  I love you!  Thank you for asking me to be your steady girl!  Always!


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