34 Days into Lent

I’ll be honest – life got in the way last week and shoved Lent aside.

Did I live into pleasing God and not people? I don’t know. I lived and loved and leaned hard into what each day presented me.  Without pausing to consider whether a thing was done with the purpose of pleasing God or people, I acted and sometimes I reacted.

As I pause to reflect on last week, I can see that there were times when my actions reflected change that has come about due to my Lenten journey.  And, I can see frustrations that came about because I opted to do what would please others and not seek first to please God.

Had I sought first to do that which would honor and please God, I would have been honest with myself and with others and wouldn’t have found myself mired down in frustrating situations.

It’s hard to unlearn…to retrain…to begin again. It’s like trying to be left-handed when all I know is right-handedness.

But, I know this is not all up to me.  God’s Spirit is within me as Guide, Teacher, Comforter, Convicter, Encourager….

As I think back on last week, I can see where God’s Spirit checked me several times.  It’s a comfort to know that even when I’m not aware, God’s Spirit is.  And, even when I forget, God’s Spirit remembers…stays on task…is ever working to bring out God’s best in me and through me.

34 days into Lent I find myself wishing I could scroll back time and begin anew with all this Lenten knowledge and experience intact.  I can’t do that, of course, but I can continue on from this moment forward leaning into loving God supremely and acting on that love in such a way that honors God, those around me, and myself as well.


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