Dogwoods and English Peas

Dogwood Winter slipped in and chilled the air but the newly sprouted English peas didn’t mind.  Neither did the lettuce or the kale.  God’s Garden #2 (here) is off to a good start.

The Brussels Sprouts planted late last Summer (in God’s Garden #1 at Mom’s house) are still living and producing – though what I’ve harvested from them hardly resembles what’s found in groceries. The tops of the plants were removed last week when they decided to bolt – I hope this will cause the remaining sprouts to mature.

Broccoli planted at the same time is still providing small and tasty stalks (and when I say “small” I mean tiny) but will soon peter out…find its way into the compost pile.

Gardens 1 and 2 have been and are lessons and opportunities:

  • Lessons in God’s abilities, grace (and mercy), laws, timing, goodness, faithfulness…
  • Opportunities for faith, growth, learning, reaping, health, stretching, experiencing….

As the days lengthen and the ground warms, God’s Gardens 1 and 2 will demand that I stretch in ways I’m not accustomed or think I’m capable.  But, as I’m learning, if I will just give what I have…all I am and have, God will work wonders – even when what I am and have to offer seems so small.  If I’m faithful to do my part, God does amazing things for and through me.

Gardening requires planning ahead, scheduling, decision making, risk taking, and hard work.  And then, when you reap there’s the decision of what to do with the bounty – eat it, share it, freeze it, can it.

Last year we enjoyed it fresh from the garden, shared some and froze the rest.  My little freezer is still almost full.  This year I plan to try my hand at canning and drying – old fashioned ways that still make sense.

Gardening teaches patience.  Right now I’m writing this instead of pulling weeds and working the dirt.  Recent rains soaked the ground.  Intruding on the garden now would do more harm than good. As much as I would like to set my schedule in stone and know from day to day what I will do and when, gardening isn’t something one can plan beyond that which is forecast or change that which is into what one wishes it to be.

Patience is not one of my virtues – and so I garden.

Redbud Winter…Dogwood Winter….  By the time Locust Winter arrives God’s Gardens will be fully planted.  And, by the time Blackberry winter slips past, we might be enjoying our first taste of fresh English Peas.


2 thoughts on “Dogwoods and English Peas

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