The 411 on Doomsday

Information.  That’s what 411 is all about.

Before the internet and well before the ability to google anything came to be the way one obtained information, dialing 411 on your landline provided a means to obtain information.

I googled “411” this morning and came upon an interesting bit of information.  I’ll share it briefly below.  Consider this your info tidbit for today, April 11.

When I googled “411” I came up with the year 411 which led me to the common year starting on Sunday.  This led me to discover the Doomsday Rule.

According to the above link Friday is Doomsday this year (2014).

And, you thought Friday was your favorite day of the week. 😉


(If you didn’t take the time to visit the above links, I’ll explain briefly.  According to the Doomsday Rule, each year has a certain day of the week,, called the doomsday, on which certain dates fall.  The last day of February, 4-4, 6-6, 8-8, 10-10, and 12-12 all fall on “doomsday.”  That day of the week this year is Friday.


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