The Culling

There comes a time when it’s necessary to eliminate some things –

  • from your house
  • from your life
  • from your schedule
  • from your work
  • from your office
  • from your religion/religious experience
  • from your to-do list
  • from your…

– so you can focus on what’s truly important, beneficial, and that will move you forward into who/what you need to be…want to become…hope to do.

I’ve decided it’s time for the culling.

That which adds nothing to my life or the achievement of my goals will be culled = pulled out, set aside and put to death (thrown away, given away).

With focus on the future – my future – I will, with a calloused eye, view all and reject much.

That which remains will be culled again and again and ultimately organized in such a way that it drives me forward into who I am becoming and where I want to be in my goals and dreams.

This is not a task I relish.  In truth, I dread it. I will be making decisions about things that I’ve tucked into boxes and drawers, things I’ve tried not to see and not wanted to deal with. But I know it’s necessary and wise.

I’m overwhelmed and too scattered. I need to narrow my focus and to do that a great culling is required.

What about you? What’s preventing you from achieving your goals of being who and what you dream of? What action will you take today that will drive you in that direction?

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