April 27 Tornado Outbreak

During a four day period in 2011, April 25 – 28, over 200 tornadoes were confirmed in 5 southeastern states.  The deadliest time was the afternoon and evening of April 27 when an outbreak of 122 tornadoes took the lives of 313 people in Mississippi, Alabama, Tennessee, Georgia and Virginia. (Read more.)

A quick look at the weather forecast for my area indicates a need to keep eyes to the sky and the weather radio nearby.  Folks who should know (storm chasers) are saying we could see a repeat of outbreaks similar to 3 years ago today.

I guess that means I’d better clean out the floor of the hall closet so Daughter and her pets can seek shelter should the weather threaten.

Me?  No…I tend to stand at the door and watch it happen.  And, I’ve been known to stand outside (while Hubby, our kids, and pets sheltered in the bathroom) and look up at a swirling cloud mass as it passed over our house (minutes later touching down a mile from me). Not a smart thing to do, I know, but a small house with no basement doesn’t offer much protection…. I want to know what’s coming my way…meet it head on.

Yesterday was spent in storm prep.  Everything that could be done was done to prevent damage here and at Mom’s.  The main concern I have is of a huge, ancient tree across Mom’s fence in her neighbor’s yard.  It’s leaning and top heavy.  If it falls…if any of it falls, it will be into Mom’s yard…onto her outbuildings. And, if the tree should come down it would crush Mom’s house.  All I can do is pray…pray that the tree falls in such a way that it damages neither houses nor outbuildings.  It would take a miracle, but the One I pray to is fully capable of doing the impossible. (Thank you, Jesus.)

I pray the forecasters are wrong and that the weather will be sedate. But, with all the chatter I’m hearing, that doesn’t look promising.  The closer the front gets the harsher the forecast sounds.

In any event, I’d rather be alarmed about (what turns out to be) nothing and therefore prepared for anything than to be prepared for nothing and alarmed about everything.

Hunker down, folks. The next few days could be a wild ride!


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