May Day

May Day, also known as May 1, is a Spring holiday in many parts of the world (especially in the Northern Hemisphere).

I can never remember dancing around a May Pole, but I can remember the liberation May 1st brought me each year of my childhood.

You see, it was on May 1st that I could take my shoes off and run barefoot without my mom’s fear of me catching my death from the cold ground beneath my bare feet (or my fear of being caught sans shoes).

I can still remember the delight the tender soles of my bare feet felt as I slipped them into the cool clover.  And, I recall the longing I felt to unburden myself with all that confined me and embrace my natural side and become one with nature.

(Oh, how I envied Eve and The Garden she experienced.)

Of course, I didn’t wait until May 1 to remove my shoes and run barefoot.  May 1 was the day I was allowed to do so.  Away from home, if I chose to take off my shoes in the dead of winter and wade in the creek or walk through the clover in early March, I could do so at my own risk of injury and discovery – and of being told “I told you so” by protective parents.

The act of taking off ones shoes and walking barefoot before May 1 was frowned upon. And, coming home with what appeared to be a bee sting or cut on the bottom of my supposedly shod foot was an opportunity for inventive thinking on my part (aka lying) more often than not.

May 1, 2014 is not my first day to go barefoot this year.  No…I stepped outside and dashed to the garage sans shoes on January 1 and most days following no matter the weather or the temperature.

This year, May 1 marks the transition from Spring’s manic weather swings to a more sedate and settled routine that will easily slip me into Summer’s mode of living.

The gardens are planted. A pattern of yardwork has been created and much of the ground work done (baring any unforeseen issues or crises).

Today I will step barefoot into the lush cool clover (watchful for honey bees, of course) just beyond my back step and relish the memories of childhood for a brief moment before I get on with life as I live it now – ever mindful of the call to return to The Garden and the simplicity of life there.


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