Ants in the Microwave

Little black ants moved into our back yard and set up housekeeping a couple of feet from our back steps. If they would stay home and out of mine, I would have no problem with them.

Apparently they are attracted to sugar.

I don’t eat sugar but others in my household do.  And, invariably in the process of sugaring or pouring out sugary foods, some of it gets spilled and not all of it is cleaned up.

Like I said above, if they would stay out of my home I would have no problem with them. But, they don’t and apparently won’t.  So, I’ve begun killing each and every ant I can get my fingertip on.

This morning, when I slipped Hubby’s bowl of instant oatmeal into the microwave I noticed several little black ants scurrying around.  I slammed the door and turned on the microwave.  I felt bad about it…a little.  I never want to intentionally harm another being.  But, these ants were in forbidden territory and they were going to get their comeuppance.

For 3 minutes the microwave nuked.

When I opened it, what did I find?

The oatmeal had boiled over a bit and the ants were still scurrying around.

I removed the bowl of oatmeal and squished each ant.

Ants that can withstand a 3 minute cooking in the microwave scare me.

Where’s my ant killer?  I’m going to invade their home and it won’t be sweet when I do!


One thought on “Ants in the Microwave

  1. Oh my God. I thought roaches were the only things that could survive nuclear exposure like that. Good luck ridding yourself of the ants.Enter your comment here…

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