Idly By

When you see an injustice done to another (whether in attitude or deed), how do you react?

What do I mean by “an injustice”?

Try these words on for size:

  • abuse
  • crime
  • maltreatment
  • oppression
  • discrimination
  • infringement
  • prejudice
  • violation
  • unfairness
  • favoritism
  • inequity
  • negligence
  • partiality
  • bigotry

I’m certain you feel outrage when these things are perpetrated against you, or against those you love most.

But, what do you feel when it happens to those beyond your circle of immediate concern?

Perhaps a better question is – what do you do?

Is your response one of action…advocacy…activism?

Or, do you sit idly by and let things play out…asking, like the lawyer did of Jesus, “Who is my neighbor?”


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