A Turn for the Worse

What I didn’t share in yesterday’s post is that as I finished planting the last row of okra I began to feel…funny.

You know…that funny little feeling that says something is not right within?  My heart began to pound and I became short of breath.  My head swam when I stood from squatting. I felt weak and shaky.

By the time I had watered the rows, I was seeing spots before my eyes and could barely speak from coughing and gasping for breath.  My voice became hoarser and I felt quite ill.

Thinking (more like hoping) that my problem was two fold (dehydration and low blood sugar), I grabbed an apple and sat down on the edge of the back porch.  Hubby joined me.

“Do you think you overdid today?” Hubby asked.

I shrugged, afraid of the answer.

“Are you feeling okay?” He asked.

I shook my head and croaked out, “I think my blood sugar dropped – this apple should help” as I bit into the apple again.

Hubby asked another question. “Did you get okra planted in your mom’s garden?”

I shook my head and gasped “tomorrow.”

My voice failed…barely more than a whisper.  My body wasn’t far behind.

The apple did little more than wet my throat and provide a little energy.

I took a quick inventory and as I checked off details I realized I’d taken a sudden and decided turn for the worse.  The improvement I’d felt all day had vanished. The invaders within me had gathered forces – the attach was underway once again.

My body rallied forces and went to war. My temperature climbed higher than it had before – a result of her attempt to defeat the foe.

One thing I learned from this is that when your body is ill, don’t add additional stress. Give it rest…a lot of rest.

What about the ever present ToDo list? Well, if you absolutely have to get ‘er done…go ahead and do it, just realize doing so may do you in.

And, you may find that recovery takes far longer than you thought or planned – all because you ignored your body’s needs, overdid and took a took a turn for the worse.

How am I today?

Well…let’s just say Mom’s okra is in the ground, I’m still fighting infection, my voice is gone and I’m facing Mother’s Day weekend as a sick chick.

Go me.

Go you and do otherwise.


One thought on “A Turn for the Worse

  1. I hope you get to feeling better soon. But take it slowly and listen to your body. YO’ll pay if you don’t. Trust me.Enter your comment here…

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