Happy Mother’s Day – Celebrate!

To all mothers – Happy Mother’s Day!

To all who mother others – Thank you for your sacrifice, your love and devotion, your constant and unwavering care and concern, and for your selfless all inclusive attention to detail while keeping sight of the whole.

For the nurturing, the acceptance, the encouragement, the correction given and the time invested – I thank you as one who was mothered and as one who has mothered and still…..

Once a mother always a mother, or so the saying goes. 😉

A word of Mother’s Day advice to moms – take the time to do something nice for yourself – don’t wait for someone to do something for you.

If they do, whoo hoo!  Good for them – be sure to remember them on their birthday.

If they don’t?

Celebrate yourself.

You’re the one who wanted the little tarts and the one who gave them the ability to become independent (which, by the way, is what mothers are supposed to do) – so celebrate yourself!

You, my dear, deserve it!

Yes!  You do.  Watch this video to see just how much!

World’s Toughest Job

Have a wonderful Mother’s Day!


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