There Arose Such a Clatter

Last night, under the cover of darkness, a monster crept into our backyard.  The gate was locked, but he managed to slip in, as monsters are wont to do.

It was quiet…peaceful.  Things had settled themselves for slow and steady evening activities that lead to sleepiness and yawns.

All that remained was the unleashing of the hounds (dachshunds) for their final patrol of the grounds before the bedtime call was given.

Daughter opened the door and turned them out – unaware of the energy that was about to be released by these two small house dogs suddenly turned hunters by the scent of the…monster.

They had not been out many minutes when there suddenly arose such a clatter as had not been heard here in this suburban neighborhood. Neighbors came onto their porches to see who or what was being torn asunder.

It sounded like the hounds of hell had descended upon an unlucky victim and it was being torn horribly.

Daughter dashed out to see what was the matter.

Her hounds, in a frenzy, were trying to climb the fence. Such screams of excitement came from their throats.

The monster!  They had treed it…or…fenced it.  And, as hard as they tried, they could not reach it.  Just two feet above them, it glared down with a toothy grin and clung on for all it was worth to the top pole of the fence upon which it sat.

With great effort, Daughter corralled the hounds and returned them to the house.  Then she instructed me “come see! It’s the monster!”

And, I did.  I went out onto the porch to see.

And, what I saw was nothing but blackness and I said so.

“There, don’t you see it?” she asked as she pointed. “It’s atop the fence, can’t you see it?”

Atop the fence? It? “What am I looking at?” I asked.

“The monster!” she replied, as cried excitedly.

The monster…ah…there it was!  And, a big one indeed!  It’s eyes reflected the light and its sharp teeth sparkled.

That was one ‘possum that dared not play dead!

I would have enjoyed seeing the first moment the hounds caught sent of their quarry.  And, the hunt for the monster and the ensuing chase – oh, yes, that would have been exciting to watch if the noise generated was any indication.

It’s good that monsters can climb fences and perch atop them.

And, it’s good that hounds have the instinct to hunt.

Now I know what’s been digging around in my garden at night – a big, fat, hairy, sharp-toothed, glint-eyed, naked tailed, smelly monster!


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