24 hours – that’s how many are in each day.  No matter how hard I try, I can’t squeeze one more minute into a day.

And, try as I might, I can only accomplish so much within those 24 hours allotted me each day.

The key thing is to determine what’s necessary, what’s immediate, what’s important, what can wait….

A quick look around my house gives clear indication to what I believe can wait.

And, the things already knocked out this morning and those on my ‘within the next hour’ to-do list indicate those things important enough to accomplish early morning so I can move on to other important matters that press in later in the day.

It’s usually early morning that I need more hours…. Or to be three people.

Yes…if I could triplicate myself…especially during 2 or 3 hours in the morning….

There are three things to remember about busyness.

  1. Busyness and business are not always the same thing.
  2. Busyness as opposed to laziness is a lifestyle that drives one to accomplish things and move forward into what’s next.
  3. Busyness is also a setup for failure when we pile more on ourselves and our schedules than we (or our time) can manage.

Time out, rest, quiet – these are important and must be incorporated into each day’s plan.

Busyness is not next to godliness.  Jesus’ advice was to set aside our busy routines and seek peace and quiet rest in Him.

Take time to smell the roses – literally.  Step outside and feel the breeze and the sunshine on your face.  Open your eyes and see the beauty around you.  Stop the busyness for 5 minutes and live in the moment. And, in those 5 minutes remember WHO is important to you and be sure to let them know – even if it’s a brief note or text saying so.

WHAT can usually wait.  WHO shouldn’t have to.

WHAT pressures us can usually be pushed back even if only by a few minutes no matter how urgent it is (hey, we procrastinate all the time) but WHO should become immediate and urgent because WHO is more important than WHAT.

And, that’s just my two cents worth for today.

And, no, it’s not something I’ve mastered…but I am working on it. 😉


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