Post #500

According to WordPress this is my 500th post.

That reveals a lot of time invested in writing here at Suzansays.

And, it causes me to pause and reflect on what’s been shared and what the next 500 posts should look like.

Life as I live it – that’s the fodder for Suzansays posts.

Perhaps I should include “Life as I think it” – no…that might be a bit too radical for even me to admit to. 😉

This 500th post should be something special – but I’m in a rush and have no time to give it special consideration.  You see…Daughter and I are heading to the zoo in a few minutes.  Like I said yesterday – WHO is more important than WHAT. 😉

I can tell you that my 501st post will be zoo related. Here’s a teaser – we will travel in Daughter’s Smart Car and my hidden agenda is to bring home some Elephant manure.


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