On Trimming Trees

“That plum tree needs to be trimmed…that low hanging side there needs to be cut out.”  That was Mom’s comment as we sat on her patio and surveyed her back yard.

“Okay,” I replied. “What else around here would you like me to cut back…cut down while I have the saw out?”

Mom made a short list of four things – plum tree, Japanese Magnolia, azalea in front of the house and the azalea near the driveway.

“Shouldn’t take long,” Mom noted.

I smiled.

As Dr. Phil is fond of saying, “This ain’t my first rodeo.”

Trimming trees and cutting back bushes is one of those things I’ve learned how (and how not) to do the hard way.

It always takes longer than you think it will and it pays to have two types of saws available. And, it’s a good idea to have someone within earshot of you. (Branches and limbs are notoriously fond of doing what they shouldn’t at the least opportune time.)

After the trimming was complete, Daughter commented: “I wouldn’t know how to trim a tree to make it look right.”

My comment – you just take out everything that shouldn’t be there.

Now, if I can just figure out a way to apply that to life….


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