So, You’re One Year Old!

Happy Birthday to Granddaughter! She turns one today.

Instead of looking back on her birth and the past year, I’m looking with eyes focused on NOW with eager anticipation of her nows to come.

What’s she like?

Ah…a bit of Heaven on earth!

She’s a redheaded marvel with a smile that won’t stop.

A beautiful mix of Mom and of Dad, she reflects them perfectly – in looks, in attitude, in mannerisms.

It’s cute to watch and even cuter when I remember – payback is coming. 🙂  This is going to be good.

Perched on the brink of independence she’s ready to strike true fear in the hearts of her parents – and grandparents alike.

You know how it is – they go from no motion to slow motion to…well…now you see her and now you don’t.

She’s taking her first steps and will soon find that crawling is for babies.  A toddler she’ll be shortly.  There will be no stopping her.

Her little finger is powerful – she has everyone wrapped around it. And, her index finger…ah, with it she controls her daddy.  A firm look and a point in his direction wilts him.

What do you get the perfect granddaughter?  Good question – I scoured the toy store at length and the only thing I found that spoke to me was for ages 2+.

What was it? It was a…bulldozer.  Yes, it was.

What did I get her?  I can’t tell you. Her birthday party isn’t until tomorrow.  I don’t want to give away the surprise.  😉


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