Creature of Habit

I’ll admit it – I’m a creature of habit.

My mind works best when I follow set patterns of activity (especially in the mornings) and routines I’ve created for myself.

Mental organization, set in my ways – call it what you will…it works for me and works well.

Interrupt me…get me off routine and my mind goes blank. Whatever I was thinking about/working on is gone. I’m mixed up, messed up, out of focus, frustrated, and off track.

Let me tell you…that is not my happy place.  And, it’s not your happy place either if you’ve interrupted my habitual progress into my day of work and activities.

But, as frustrating as it can be…getting off task and out of habit can be a blessing in disguise.

Habits have a way of insulating us and giving us a false sense of order, security, and productivity.

Habits feel good and healthy habits and routines can do us good.

But, if we’re not careful keeping routines and habits can become more important than what’s really important in life – family, friends, love and moments lived outside the box of the usual mindless navigation we tend to prefer as we go through our daily lives.

Habits and routines can prevent us from fully engaging our world and those we care about most.

Habits and routines can focus our attention on gettin’er done rather than getting to know ‘er or ‘im.

I’m a creature of habit – my mind needs those morning routines to reorient herself to taking care of business and beginning my work day.

But, I also need those spontaneous moments that jerk me from my creature comforts and intrude on my finely focused thoughts. They provide the “spark” in the sparkle that makes life fun and love worth it.


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