June 1

Here we are.

The first day of the sixth month of this year and I’m sitting here shaking my head as I type this.

How is it possible?  Is it truly June now?

Apparently it is. My computer calendar assures me of such as does my phone.

My calendar on the wall, however, is still stuck in May.  I’ve not flipped the page….

Which calendar are you like?

Are you living in the present, with every minute that ticks past taking you into your future?

Or, are you backward looking…living in the past and wondering why you can’t seem to move forward?

June is here. May is gone.  What was has passed.  What is…that’s all that matters, really.


Nothing can be done about the past other than forgive it / forget it, OR, fondly remember it /  file it away.  You can’t live there. You can’t go back to yesterday.  Yesterday doesn’t exist anymore.

All you have is now.  This minute.

Look around you – how much of the past are you holding onto?

How much time do you devote to the past…to caring for it?


Ask yourself: If I didn’t have the burden of the past to hold me back and weigh me down…who would I be…where would I be…how would I invest the time and energy available to me when I cut loose the weight of the past?

Let it go.

Flip the calendar.

It’s June 1. Live fully into today…live present focused and forward facing.  Step confidently and with purpose into each and every moment given you.


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