Happy Father’s Day, Daddy!

This would be your 56th year to celebrate the title of Daddy. No man ever wore it as well or deserved it more than you.

I love you.  I miss you.  I celebrate you – today and everyday.

You are my daddy and I am your daughter.  There’s no denying that fact. I see you in me every single day.

And, I smile at the recognition.

Hello, Daddy.  Your right hand is clicking this keyboard. (My left hand looks more like Mom’s.)

Hello, Daddy.  Your eyes sparkled at me in the mirror.

Hello, Daddy.  Your laughter echos in my own.

Hello, Daddy.  Happy Father’s Day.

I’m in church this morning – honoring you and worshiping our Great God. After church I’m taking Mom to Piccadilly for lunch. And, from there we will slip over to your grave. Mom will remark that one day she will lie beside you and I will tell her there’s no need to rush things.

She misses you.  We all do.

And, we all remember and celebrate you today. Thank you for raising me right, for loving God, for teaching me well, for loving my rough and tumble ways, for being strong, for being our rock and our example.  Thank you for being YOU!

I love you, Daddy!

And, I miss you, oh, so much!

Happy Father’s Day!


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