36 Years Married = Zookeeper or Ringmaster?

Hubby and I celebrate our 36th Wedding Anniversary today.

We’ve both slipped away for a few hours and left responsibilities behind to celebrate ourselves and our years together.

How will we celebrate?

Here’s how.

Yep!  It was Hubby’s idea.  And, I thought it was fitting.

Our past 36 years together has, at times, been like a three ring circus – or, a zoo.

Something coming and going all the time…hard to focus on one thing long enough…confusion, noise, laughter, excitement, activity – and throw 32 years in the pastorate, multiple moves,  two kids, their friends, and their pets into that mix and WOW!

What an amazing life we’ve had together so far!

I can hardly wait to see what the next 36 will bring us (and I’ll admit…it scares me a bit to think what it will bring).

Zookeeper or Ringmaster – it really doesn’t matter.  It’s been a wild and wonderful ride so far!  And, I look forward to growing older together.


One thought on “36 Years Married = Zookeeper or Ringmaster?

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