And Then There Were Four

First there was one rabbit.

Then, there were two.

Friday night we saw three in the garden.

And then Saturday morning, there were four.

Four bunnies in one garden.

Just one is enough to strike fear in the heart of any gardener.  But, four…that’s enough to cause a coronary.

My first thought was to run out and scare them off.  But, with a little imagination I realized that would be a sight the neighbors would talk about for days.  Me…chasing 4 rabbits around the back yard….

My second was to turn the hounds loose on them. But…I didn’t want to hurt the rabbits, just run them out of the garden.

My third thought was to watch and see what they were eating so intently.  Maybe they were nibbling on things I really wished I’d not planted.  Like – kale.

They were nibbling, but not on my veggies. They were all sitting in different rows – nibbling, nibbling, nibbling.

What were they munching so intently on?

As the sun climbed into the sky, the bunnies disappeared and I slipped into the garden to investigate.  Not a plant had been nibbled and no fruit taken. But, every scrap of apple core or peel that I’d tossed into the garden had been devoured. (I eat two or three apples a day.)

So, the next few days I tossed my apple bits elsewhere and on those days saw no rabbits in the garden.

So, I wonder….  Did the apple peels and cores attract them to the garden or did they serve as a distraction?

I’ll probably never know.

The bunnies that raided the garden are now too big to slip through the gap in the fence.  I see them occasionally munching clover in neighbors’ yards.

One thing about bunnies – they eat a lot,  grow up fast, and reproduce like…rabbits.

In light of my past experience, current situation, and future hopes and dreams*, I think the wise thing to do would be to plug up that gap in the fence and compost my apple leavings.

The wise thing to do…should have already been done.

Why is it I leave the wise thing undone?

Things have a way of spiraling out of control when the wise thing is left undone.

First there was one…then there were four.

I’m out of here…taking my own advice…got work to do – wise work.  I have future hopes and dreams.

What wise thing(s) have you left undone?

My guess is you have future hopes and dreams, too.

Then get up off your sorry butt and get busy on it.  I’m up and off of mine. No more excuses.


*Andy Stanley


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