Baby Rarebits

Abbie is a hunter.  Weighing only 9 lbs and barely 7 inches high, she slips in and out of the garden as she hunts monsters and tracks lizards.

Often, the only evidence of her presence in the garden is occasional jiggling seen in the rows of beans and peas as she makes her way amongst and beneath them.

Earlier this week, Abbie disappeared into the garden as she was wont to do and I, busy with whatever it was that occupied me, forgot that she remained outside when Todd (the other doxie) came inside.

An hour or so later, Daughter inquired as to the whereabouts of Abbie.

I suggested she look outside…perhaps she had cornered the illusive monster.

What Daughter found turned our stomachs and broke our hearts.

Abbie had found a nest of baby rabbits in the garden beneath the purple hull peas. Daughter found her with half of one of the bunnies hanging from her jaws.  She yelled for me and shouted at Abbie to release her hold on the brown baby bunny.

She was covered in blood…hot…fresh…smelly animal blood…raw….rarebits.

And, she had devoured half of the bunny leaving the back legs and tail….

Abbie was placed in lock up while Daughter searched for the nest and when she found it, I heard her groan.

Two baby bunnies had been killed…their perfect, little soft bunny bodies had been crushed as Abbie had done what dogs do when they find rabbits.  She mauled them to death. The only evidence of the harm that had befallen them was a drop of blood that trickled from the nostril of one and a trickle of blood from the ear of another.

Poor, poor baby bunnies.

The saddest thing of all was the mother bunny who wanted to return to her babies.  Before letting the dogs out earlier, I had chased her from the garden, unaware that her reluctance to leave the yard betrayed the presence of something precious.  I thought she just wanted to nibble more apple cores.

For several hours that evening, the mother bunny tried to return to our backyard.  I had blocked the opening in the fence that had given her entrance previously.  And, the next morning, she was still there wanting…needing to get to her babies.

Daughter buried the bunnies and headed inside to scold Abbie and bathe her.

The next evening, Daughter turned the dogs out unsupervised – for only a few minutes.

Abbie found the dead, decaying bunnies and dug them up.

And, yes…began noshing on one.

Apparently, Abbie is a common sewer when it comes to eating rabbit.  Todd is no connoisseur when it comes to food either. Not to be outdone, he dug up and devoured the fish heads Daughter buried in the garden after cleaning the fish she and Hubby caught last weekend.

Bunny rarebits and fish heads – that’s enough to turn me into a vegetarian.


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