Daughter and Her Dad Go Fishing

For Father’s Day, Daughter took her dad fishing – first time ever for her to take him…for him to go with her…for them to fish together…alone.

She insisted on driving to Long Hunter State Park in her little red Smart Car.  I quietly inquired as to how they would manage to take the fishing poles in the little car.  She assured me they would fit.

That morning, she drove her little red Smart Car to church and Hubby rode with her.  The plan was to leave upon the final a-men and head home to change clothes, grab fishing gear, a sandwich, and head out.

That plan changed with a text I received from daughter upon their arrival at church.

I think Daddy is scared of my car XD

Apparently something about the ride to church that morning (either Daughter’s driving or the car’s jerky movements) made Hubby slightly car sick.

It was decided that loading fishing supplies into his car would be easier than attempting to cram it all into her car, so upon arriving home they changed plans.  He would drive and she would back seat drive – I mean…ride shotgun.

Between the roar of motorboats, jet skis and the Blue Angels, they managed to catch a total of 3 fish each – small perch – and brought two of them home to clean and place in the freezer for the fish fry we’re sure to have one day (when they catch enough).

Personally, I think they caught more than fish.  I think they caught a new lease on a relationship almost 30 years old. And, I think they caught sight of each other through new eyes and a new appreciation for what was and even more for what is and what can be.

There was only one thing missing that day – perhaps Son can join them the next time they head out to drown worms and crickets.


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