2 Years Married

Yesterday was Son’s and Daughter-in-Love’s 2nd Wedding Anniversary.

And…I missed it.

I knew they were married in June.  I knew they were married a week after we celebrated our own anniversary.  I  knew they were married three days after my dad was buried.

I knew all of this – KNEW it.

But, I still missed it.


The most joyous day of my son’s life (apart from the birth of their daughter) and I let it slip up on me. And, had I not seen his post on Facebook, directed to his wife, in which he shared love for her and his joy in being married to her, it would have slipped past me.

And, I would have missed it completely.

I made no comment on his post. But, I did “LIKE” it. (That’s what you do on Facebook when you see something you like or agree with – you click the “LIKE” button.)

And, I do LIKE it. A lot!

I could not have chosen a better wife for him…better best friend…spouse…mother for his child/children…companion…perfect yin to his yang….

She brings out the best in him and drives him to be better.  She lights his life and beats his heart.  She keeps him straight and gives him a reason to come home.  She stirs his soul and fires his passion. She supports, encourages, corrects, provides boundaries, creates family, loves….

She loves him.

Oh, how she loves him.

And, he loves her.

And, therein likes their greatest strength, for as those of us who have lived more years together than apart know – love conquers all.

Happy (belated) Anniversary!


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