Cleaning Fish

The rule is – if you catch ’em and keep ’em, you clean ’em.

Hubby and Daughter went fishing on Father’s Day.  The intent was two-fold

  1. to spend time together
  2. to catch fish

They spent about 7 hours together.

They caught 3 fish each.

Of those 6 fish caught, Daughter kept 2 and brought them home.

I recited the rule, emphasizing the last part “you clean ’em.”

“Okay” was all she said.

I laughed.  She had never cleaned a fish before.  I wasn’t even sure she had watched it done from start to finish. AND, one of the fish was still gasping.

Sometimes the only way to learn is to do. With a few instructions and a lot of supervision, Daughter cleaned both fish, rinsed them and popped them into the freezer.

“Now, all we need are a few more fish and we can have a fish fry!” Daughter said.

A few more?? Guess she’s forgotten how many fried fish I can eat. 😉


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