Three Months Til First Frost

I heard something yesterday that caused my mind to run forward three months.

Let’s see…three months from now would be the last weekend in September.

Hmm…that’s a bit early…a full month earlier than last year.

You see, Southern folklore says the first frost will come three months after you hear the first Cicada.

I heard the first one yesterday.

While I”m not one to put a lot of stock in folklore, I do pay attention to the wisdom of it.

It’s how people lived before newspapers, TV and radio, internet, Twitter and Facebook told them what to think and how to do.  It’s how people eked out a living before Walmart, Kroger, and Walgreens were established. It’s how people survived.  It’s how they thrived.

To those who see, know, and understand this wisdom, there are reminders and warnings issued every day, in every season, that urge productivity in the present, a forward facing attitude, and preparation for what’s next.

We have a tendency to think only in present tense, to become wrapped up in current issues, to be unprepared for change that can’t help but come, to procrastinate, to set aside what should be done and engage in “feel good” activities….

Three months til the first frost, or maybe it will be four months – when isn’t as important as what.

What do I need to do today, and each day thereafter, to make sure I’m ready for that which I know will come and when it does will change everything?


One thought on “Three Months Til First Frost

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