Nashville Sounds

Baseball, hotdogs, cotton candy, peanuts, popcorn, and cracker jacks.

Root, root, root for the home team.

Stomp, stomp, clap to We Will Rock You.

Seated in a blue stadium seat, perched precariously on a narrow ledge barely big enough for the seat and our feet, overlooking 16 rows of similarly seated people, directly behind left handed batters – that’s where Hubby, Daughter and I spent a good portion of yesterday’s late afternoon and evening.

The Nashville Sounds had a home game and we had tickets.

It was our first visit to Greer Stadium and our first Minor League game.

Long time Atlanta Braves fans, we were accustomed to Major League Baseball and familiar with Turner Field.

Major League and Minor League are as different as the two words (major / minor) imply.  But, Major League wouldn’t exist without Minor League.

There is no “small ball” in baseball, except for game strategy used to garner runs.  Every game played is important and every player is equally so.

Minor League experiences the first professional at-bat of Major League hopefuls.

It’s hometown proud and locally supported. It’s familiar, it’s accessible, it’s family friendly and it’s fun.

The Nashville Sounds are affiliated with the Milwaukee Brewers – not the Atlanta Braves.  And the Braves and the Brewers are rivals.

This was something that caused me a little angst as I settled in to watch the game – felt I was in the enemy’s camp – but only for a moment. It was quickly decided that staunch Braves fans can find ample room in their hearts to embrace and enjoy the hometown boys and cheer them on to victory.

Baseball is more than a team.  It’s more than a name. It’s more than a win.  It’s more than a game.

Baseball IS game and those who watch it and love it understand that and appreciate what it means to be a part of the world of baseball.

Root, root, root for the home team.  If they don’t win it’s a shame.  Sure it is, but, it’s not all about who wins – that’s the wonder of baseball – it’s all about game.  And, these Minor League players and their supporters understand that.

Don’t believe me? You go sit behind home plate and watch that ball rocket in at 96 miles and hour and see those young guys stare it down unflinchingly as it zips by less than 2 inches from them.

Yeah, they got game.

Got game? There’s a seat for you at the next Nashville Sounds game.

There’s nothing minor about our Nashville Sounds Minor League Baseball experience.  It rocked our world.

Oh…and we won last night, the Sounds did, that is.  😉


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