Zoo View

Hubby and I arrived at the Nashville Zoo about 30 minutes after it opened.  The number of cars in the parking lot was indicative of the number of people within the zoo – but not of the number of strollers.

And, I don’t mean people out for a stroll.

I marveled that so many strollers could be out and about in one location – and I marveled at the different types, colors and shapes of strollers.  Some were your typical, simple umbrella type strollers and others were top of the line deals.  In every stroller, the occupant had the same look of boredom.

It was the same look seen on the faces of some of the caged animals as well.  🙂

Take that bored little rider out of the stroller and as soon as his / her feet touched the ground a change came over them. It was like energy shot through them and they became alive.

Me? After trekking up hill and down, I was ready to occupy a stroller myself.


The great thing about the zoo is that it’s never the same. There’s always more to see and experience if we are willing to be eyes open and hands on.

The keepers are always busy behind the scenes to make sure the zoo experience for all concerned is a happy one.

Would you believe that in all the wooded area that Hubby and I explored we did not find one sprig of poison ivy? Now that says a lot for the care the zoo keepers go to in order to protect those wee ones most prone to wander off the path when set free to become strollers at the Nashville Zoo.

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