Welcome Relief

When was the last time I experienced a sunny day with a high of 79 degrees – in MID JULY??

I truly don’t know that I EVER have.

Mid Summer in the South is always HOT.

But, that’s the forecast for today.  And, if the low of 57 at 6 a.m. has any bearing on today’s high temp…it might be right.

The entire week is forecast to be cooler than normal (normal meaning HOT).

What a welcome relief!

And, what an unexpected opportunity to change up the summer routine…throw open windows and doors…accomplish outside chores…clean out the garage…enjoy a walk around the block….

Now…if I can just slow down enough to actually enjoy it before it slips away and Summer’s heat returns. 😉

Relief – I wonder how often it’s available and we either don’t recognize it or fail to avail ourselves of it because we’re so busy…wrapped up in ourselves…our little worlds.

Stop – take a deep cleansing breath.  Hold it.  Now release it slowly and feel your shoulders and back muscles relax.  Before you take your next breath, look beyond yourself and your own immediate experience – even if it’s just out the window. Take another deep cleansing breath…hold it…release it slowly…ah…welcome relief.


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