As I See It

My view and viewpoint are mine alone.

“As I see it” is just that – as I see it.

But, too often personal perspective is taken as the only perspective.

And, it’s not.

“As I see it” filters everything through my life experiences, understandings, prejudices, beliefs, hopes, personality….

“As I see it” is not as you see it.  Oh, we might agree on the surface, but if we dig deeper and examine the ins and outs, ups and downs of a thing we would soon find that as I see it is not the same as you see it.

This is true even within self – if I close one eye and look at an object, “as I see it” is different depending on which eye I am seeing with.  Ex: If I look through my left eye only, things look brighter and whiter. As I see it, the computer screen is blindingly white. If I look only through my right eye only, as I see it the screen is less bright and has a pinkish cast to it.

“As I see it” doesn’t make it fact, except for me.

“As I see it” is my perception of a thing, not necessarily true, nor must it be the whole truth of a matter.

But, I will doggedly defend a thing, as I see it, because it’s what I know (or all I know), is within my comfort zone, springs from the essence of who I believe myself to be, and is wrapped tightly in my ego and pride.

As I see it, my view is not the only view.  And, as I see it is important only to me when I insulate myself from others as they see it.

Strip me of life as I see it and force me to see through the eyes of another – I’m lost…blind…out of focus…without a point of view to anchor me.

And, this…this is when I grow, this is when I learn, this is when knowledge permits “as I see it” to expand beyond self and selfishness. As I see it becomes as we see it.

And, as we see it, there is room for expansion beyond self, a need for community, and wisdom in understanding life as others see it.


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