Not Without a Fight

Over all, this summer has been a dry one.  Cooler than normal temperatures have helped, somewhat, but I can’t help but wonder if the weather pattern that’s brought the cooler temps has contributed to our lack of rainfall as well.

It’s as though there’s a dome sitting over us and anything that tracks our way splits and goes around us.

The long range forecast shows a return to temperatures near normal for this time of the year, but no real promise of needed rainfall.  That means it’s going to be HOT and dry…not just dry.

Four days ago, the grass crunched underfoot. Today, I see brown patches where the grass has died, revealing the dirt beneath.  Add hot weather to the lack of rainfall and trees are beginning to show distress.

God’s Gardens 1 and 2 are suffering as well.

In an attempt to keep things growing, I water when they indicate thirst. I know that once the beans and peas stop blooming, it will be difficult to jump start them into producing again.

And, so, I water.

At the time the gardens should be in their prime, they struggle – not due to anything of their own making, but rather due to circumstances beyond their control.

And, beyond mine.

It’s frustrating.

The song from the Disney movie “Frozen” plays in my head…”Let it Go, let it go!

But, I don’t want to let it go.  I’m not ready to see it die.  I don’t want it to whither, cease production…die.  I want it…alive….  Too much time and work went into getting it where it is and there’s too much hope for what it can yet be to just let it go…pull it up…walk away.

They are God’s gardens and I am their keepers.  When God doesn’t send the nourishing rains, then I offer all I have.  City water does little more than keep it alive, but at least it’s alive.

And, if it’s alive, there’s hope.

Some say let it go…let it die…pull it up.

I say, no – not without a fight.

…not without a fight.

We should be 2 full months from the first possibility of frost.  And, the next cool front will surely bring several days of rain….

I planted.  And, now I’m watering.  It’s God who will give the increase.  And, when God deems the gardens done, I’ll turn them under, bed them down with a blanket of leaves, give thanks for all the benefits God’s Gardens gave this year, and walk away.

But, it’s not going down without a fight. 😉

That should be our attitude when disappointment comes our way and we struggle when we could be / should be at our best position for productivity. When circumstances say, “you’re going down!” our reply should be, “not without a fight!”

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