Aspirin, the Wonder Drug

A recent article stated the following:

Taking a small daily dose of aspirin can significantly reduce the risk of developing — or dying from — bowel, stomach and esophageal cancer, according to a large review of scientific studies. (Read more.)

The FoxNews piece goes on to say that taking a small does of aspirin for 10 years could cut bowel, esophageal, and stomach cancers by up to 35% and death from the disease by up to 50%.

That’s note worthy.

Of course, there are guidelines and suggestions about how much to take, at what age to take it and for how long.  But, when you consider that from age 50, or so, many patients are doctor advised to take 81 mg of aspirin you realize this is one more good reason to pop that little pill.

Professor Jack Cuzick, head of the center for cancer prevention at Queen Mary University of London, was quoted in the article:

Our study shows that if everyone aged between 50 and 65 started taking aspirin daily for at least 10 years, there would be a 9 percent reduction in the number of cancers, strokes and heart attacks overall in men, and around 7 percent in women.

7 to 9 percent overall doesn’t sound like all that much, unless you happen to be in that percentage of people.

And, if you were, you probably wouldn’t even know it except for the fact that you didn’t develop these cancers, didn’t have a stroke or heart attack.

A quick google of aspirin offers a plethora of articles explaining the health benefits of aspirin.  Here are a few that I found interesting.

As is true with any medication, taking aspirin involves risk and the possibility of experiencing serious side effects. It’s not for everyone.  (Those of us who grew up eating Bayer chewable baby aspirin may find it hard to believe that aspirin is really a DRUG.)

Do you take an aspirin a day to keep the doctor away?

I don’t…yet.  But, I’m seriously considering doing so.


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