Robin Williams

The death of Robin Williams had a profound affect on me.  I felt I had lost my dad all over again.

Though only 6 years my senior, he seemed a generation older and wiser and funnier.

I suppose it was the movie Popeye that opened my heart to him.  You see, it was there that I first saw my dad in him – a resemblance that only increased as time passed and he grew up and older.

After my dad passed, Robin Williams became a sort of surrogate dad (or big brother who resembled my dad).  Watching him brought my dad to life again as I remembered my dad’s crooked smile and sparkling eyes, his easy laugh and love of people, his enjoyment of a good joke…his funny side as well as his serious….

Watching Robin Williams grow gracefully into his golden years was like watching my dad grow older all over again. He didn’t slow down. He lived more and more into who he was and leaned hard into who he was becoming.  (CNN reports that there are four as of yet unreleased Robin Williams movies.)

Learning that Robin Williams’ death came at his own hands compounded the sorrow of the loss felt. I could only imagine the pain his family and friends felt.

Behind those laughing eyes there was a sadness. And, that sadness created a depth to his characters that made them all the more real – and Robin Williams all the more human.

Why did he take his life? I don’t know.  Why DO funny people commit suicide? Why does anyone?

What would drive you to do so?

Don’t be so quick to say you never would – depression is an odd master that drives one to do things that seem out of character and impossible to believe from the standpoint of one standing on the outside looking in.

Suicide Prevention Hotline.


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