Challenge Yourself

In early June, Top 10 Belly Firming Tips inspired me to begin a simple exercise routine.

I began to do situps every night before going to bed.  Throughout the month of June I did a situp every night.  Well…let me elaborate just a bit.

I did a situp for every night of the month of June, adding one situp each day.  So, at the end of June, I was doing 30 situps. (I guess it could be said that I did accumulative situps.)

The first week was the hardest. Who would have thought that doing 7 situps would be hard? Apparently I had no stomach muscles to speak of and my lower back muscles were weak as well.


So, by the time June ended I was feeling pretty special as I struggled through and finished 30. 😉

July 1 dawned and I realized I wanted to continue the situp challenge so each night I added one sit up and by the end of July I was doing 61 situps.

So…August slipped in and I thought I would be smart and continue.  I was seeing a little change but not as much as I wanted and so I began August 1 with 62 situps.

I’d heard it said as a child that if you pick up a calf the day it’s born and continue to pick it up every day of its life, you will be able to pick it up when it’s a full born bull.  Made sense to me.  And, I assumed adding one situp a night would work the same way.  By the end of a year’s time I would be doing 365 situps at night and I would be “picking up the bull,” so to speak.

It was a no brainer to continue on through July. All I had to do was add 30 to the day’s date and I had the number of situps I was to do each night.

August presented a challenge.  My brain didn’t want to add 61 to every number.  I did fine the first two weeks.  I made it fine to 75 and then my brain rebelled. So I pushed my situps to 80 thinking that would help me keep track.

It didn’t.  So, I pushed forward to 100 + whatever the date was.  And, each night thereafter I added 1 situp to the count.

Last night I did 122 situps before going to sleep.  Tonight I will do 123. (Yeah, I know. Today’s the 22 and I’m 1 ahead of the date.)

What will I do September 1? If all goes according to plan the count will be 132 – that’s only 10 more than I did last night.

This past Monday I started a morning workout that lasts about 20 minutes.

I began with 25 situps and have worked my way up to 60. Each day I find various ways to do those 60 and work different muscles groups.  I’m also doing planks and side planks.  I can hold them for a little over a minute each, but that’s about it. And…I’m doing pushups…10 each morning.  And, yes, they are the “girl” pushups and that’s okay.  And, no – I don’t yet touch my nose to the ground…I come within 2 inches of it.

Why am I doing this? Because I’ve challenged myself to be the best me I can be.  And, to go a little beyond my comfort zone each day in some way.

What challenge will you give yourself?


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