A Return to Summer

97 degrees with a heat index of 109, brilliant sunshine, high humidity, a chance for late afternoon showers, and a heat advisory – Summer has returned now that August is in her final blush.

What a delightfully “cool” summer it’s been.  I’d forgotten what Summer’s heat felt like and how much more difficult outdoor chores became when humidity and heat combine with potentially killing force.

I had become accustomed to the cooler than normal temps this Summer has offered and was shocked by the discomfort felt as “normal” returned.  For the first time in what felt like months, I broke into a sweat just walking from my front door to the mailbox and back. It wasn’t from exertion. No, it was from the heat and humidity.  It was like I had opened the door on a hot oven and been overcome by blast of heat.

And, I’ll admit…it felt good.

There’s just something about sweating in the Summer.  Impurities and toxins flow from the pores in your skin and leave your body refreshed and healthier.  Replenishing the fluid lost through sweating enables the body to push even more of the bad stuff out.

I cut grass yesterday afternoon.  I sweated until drops fell from my hair and the tip of my nose.  I worked and I sweated and I breathed out the back and breathed in the good.  And, at the end – oh, it felt good!  I was soaked and the gentle breeze that stirred the trees cooled me.

Had I not been sweat soaked, I wouldn’t have noticed the change in temperature when a cloud hid the sun, would not have felt the slight breeze that touched my damp skin, could not have appreciated God’s grace-filled-touches meant to remind me that I am deeply loved by my creator and I am not the only one who longs for relationship. God longs for relationship with me.


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