Here Yesterday, Gone Today

Imagine my surprise when I went to God’s Garden in my back yard to pick the ripe  tomatoes I’d seen there yesterday and found NO ripe tomatoes.

And, no bell peppers at all -not even small ones.

I stood stunned and confused.

Not 24 hours prior, I had gazed on at least 6 fully ripe tomatoes and easily as many peppers.

A flash of anger moved quickly over me.  I felt violated.  Someone had invaded the sanctity of my back yard and stolen from me.

I looked out over the rest of the garden.  Everything else looked as it should.

As my gaze shifted back to the tomato and pepper plants, I slowly walked toward them.  As I grew closer I searched in vain for any sign of red.

Even the tomato that had grown IN the fence was gone.  I had tried on several occasions to pop it out of the chain link fence, but it was lodged in there…had become one with the fence.

It was gone without any sign that it had ever been there.

My thoughts turned to a post I’d written several days ago – When Bounty Becomes a Burden.

I’ll admit, I felt reprimanded and deeply humbled.

Just because it is doesn’t mean it always will be.

Be thankful for what you have – even for the excess.  When God blesses, your cup runs over.

And, that’s a good thing.


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